Account Security

Anonymous Console Data Overview

You can anonymize your users’ phishing and USB test results in your KMSAT console. When enabled, admins on your account won’t be able to see which users failed a test.

The anonymization feature allows admins to follow the privacy requirements established in certain countries. Because these privacy requirements are not typical, this feature isn’t necessary or recommended for most accounts.

How to Anonymize Your Account

If you would like to anonymize your account, submit a support request. Our support team will respond to schedule your account anonymization.

Important: Once an account has been anonymized, it cannot be reversed. Any existing data in your account will be deleted.

During setup, our support team will ask you to select a minimum size for groups that can be phished in your organization. Setting a minimum group size that is reasonable for your organization will help keep the test results truly anonymous. The average minimum group size is 10-25 users.

How Anonymized Console Data Affects Your Console and Results

Anonymized console data affects your console and test results differently depending on the specific tool or feature you are reviewing.

  • Phishing: In individual phishing campaign results, you will see a list of users who received the phishing test. You will also see if messages were delivered or if the email bounced. The console will display totals for how many users clicked, opened, exploited, or otherwise failed the test, but not which users failed.
    • When setting up a phishing campaign, you will not be able to phish any groups that are smaller than your minimum group size. Your minimum group size is set during the How to Anonymize Your Account process. Only groups that meet the minimum will be available to enroll in your campaign.
    • You can use reply-to phishing, but you will not be able to view which users replied or what your users replied with. You will also not be able to add users who failed a phishing test to a group with the Add Clickers to feature.
    • Platinum and Diamond customers that have access to Smart Groups will only be able to use the User Field, User Date, Training, Assessment, and Custom Event Smart Group criteria.
  • USB tests: You will see the name of the computer that the user was on when they failed your USB test, but not the user’s display name or username.
  • Training: Training results are not affected. You will still be able to see a user’s progress on a training campaign.
  • Reporting: Reporting will be unavailable.
  • Virtual Risk Officer (VRO): Risk Scores throughout your console will be unavailable.

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