Conducting Training Campaigns

Partner and Multi-Account: Create and Monitor Managed Training Campaigns

Instead of creating training campaigns in the admin console of each managed account, you can use the Managed Training Campaigns feature. This feature allows you to create training campaigns for multiple accounts from your management console.

Note:In order to create a managed campaign, admins will need to be granted the associated permission. This can be done from the Admins tab of your management platform. To learn more, please see the Editing a Partner Admin section of the Managing Partner Admins in Your Account Management Portal article.

Create a Managed Training Campaign

Note: Before creating a campaign, make sure that the content you plan to assign is in your managed accounts' libraries. For more information, see our Managed ModStore and Library Guide.

To create a managed training campaign, log in to your KSAT management console. Then, navigate to Training > Campaigns and click + Managed Training Campaign at the top-right of the page.

The New Managed Training Campaign page that opens is similar to the standard New Training Campaign page in the admin console. This article will only cover the campaign settings that are specific to managed training campaigns. For more information about training campaigns in general, see our Creating and Managing Training Campaigns article. To learn more about the managed training campaign settings, see the screenshot and list below:

  1. In the Enroll section, click the Select Accounts… field to open the Managed Accounts modal. For more information about the modal that opens, see the screenshot and details listed below.
    1. Search: You can search for managed accounts by name or account domain. You can also scroll through the list of managed accounts.
    2. Add: To add an account to the campaign, click the account’s name and then click the blue Add button.
      Note: Managed accounts cannot be added to managed training campaigns that contain content outside their subscription level.
    3. Selected Accounts: Accounts you have added will be listed in the Selected Accounts section.
    4. Remove: To remove a selected account, click the account’s name in the Selected Accounts section. Then, click the red Remove button.
    5. Remove All Selected Accounts: Click the Remove All Selected Accounts button to remove all of the accounts from the Selected Accounts section.
    6. Submit: When you have selected all of the accounts you would like to add to this campaign, click Submit.
  2. Under the Enroll section, you can add accounts by clicking the Select Users or Groups… field to open the User Groups modal. Only groups from the accounts you selected in step 1 will be listed.
    1. Add All Account Users: Click the Add All Account Users button to enroll all users from the selected accounts.
    2. Search: The list of user groups is sorted by managed account. You can search for user groups by name or by scrolling through the list.
    3. Add: To enroll a user group in the campaign, click the user group name and then click the blue Add button. You can also select All Users beneath a specific account to enroll all users from that account.
    4. Selected Groups: Groups that you have added will be listed in the Selected Groups section.
    5. Remove: To remove a selected group, click the group’s name in the Selected Groups section. Then, click the red Remove button.
    6. Remove All Selected Groups: Click the Remove All Selected Groups button to remove all of the groups from the Selected Groups section.
    7. Submit: When you have selected all of the groups you would like to enroll in this campaign, click Submit.
  3. If you would like to prevent local admins from editing this campaign, select the Prevent campaign edits by local account admins checkbox. When this setting is enabled, local account admins can not close the campaign or edit the campaign settings. A lock icon will display on training campaigns that have this setting enabled.

Monitor a Managed Training Campaign

Under the Training tab, on the Campaigns subtab, you can manage current and past managed training campaigns. For more information about this page, see the screenshot and list below.

Note: Managed training campaigns will not be visible in the managed account until the managed training campaign has started.

  1. Active/Inactive/All: Use these buttons to filter which type of campaigns you’d like to view by clicking Active, Inactive, or All.
  2. Name: This column lists the training campaigns by name. For each campaign, you can see which accounts are enrolled, what content is included, and the percentage of users that have completed the training. Click the name of a campaign for more information about that campaign.
  3. Campaign Status: Above the campaign name, you can see a banner that displays the status of the campaign. For example, the campaign in the screenshot above is In Progress. For more information about campaign statuses, see the list below.
    1. Created: The campaign was created but has not started. Campaigns in the Created status can be deleted.
    2. In Progress: The campaign is active because the campaign either has a relative duration or it has not reached its end date. You can enroll additional users to campaigns in the In Progress status. You can not delete a campaign that is In Progress, but you can close it.
      Note:Campaigns that have a relative duration will always be in the In Progress status, even if the completion percentage is 100 percent. These campaigns remain active so that you can enroll additional users.
    3. Completed: The campaign has reached its end date and is inactive.
      Note:If the Allow assignments to be completed after due date check box was selected when creating this campaign and the campaign is in the Completed status, enrolled users can still complete this training and receive training notifications.
    4. Closed: The training campaign is inactive because a partner admin manually closed the campaign. Enrolled users will no longer receive training notifications for this campaign.
  4. Actions: Click the drop-down arrow in the rightmost column to view the available actions for a campaign. Each action is defined in the list below.
    1. Edit: Click Edit to open the Edit Managed Training Campaign screen, which is similar to the New Managed Training Campaign screen. Edit the campaign settings as needed. Options in gray cannot be changed. Then, click the Update Campaign button at the bottom-left corner of the page to save your changes. The campaign settings will be updated for all enrolled accounts.

      New accounts and their groups to the form. However, you can’t remove previously selected accounts or modify their groups. After you add and save new accounts to the managed campaign, a training campaign will be created in the KSAT console.

    2. Clone: Click Clone to create a copy of an existing campaign. Clicking Clone will redirect you to the Edit Training Campaign screen. The new campaign will have the same settings and content as the original campaign, but a different start time and the word "Clone" in the campaign name. You can edit these settings before creating the new campaign.
    3. Close: Click Close to end a campaign and save user completion data. The campaign will be closed for all enrolled accounts.
    4. Delete: The Delete option is only available for campaigns that are in Created status. Click Delete to permanently delete this campaign from your management console.
      • Campaigns that are in any other status must be deleted from the admin console of each enrolled account. For more information on how to delete a training campaign in the admin console, see our Creating and Managing Training Campaigns article.
Important:Be sure you want to delete the training campaign and all data associated with the campaign before you click Delete.

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