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Extend Training Deadlines

If you've administered mandatory training for any organization, you've likely run into a user or two who didn't complete their training on time. When using the Learner Experience (LX) to conduct training, there are a few options for allowing users to complete their assignments after the deadline. You can extend a specific user’s due date, allow training to be completed after the due date, or extend a training campaign’s due date.

You can decide which option is best for your organization. Depending on the nature of the training content and the culture of your organization, one option may be more beneficial than the other. 

Extending Specific User's Due Date

If you’re in a high-risk industry, or if your organization handles sensitive information, you may have to enforce strict deadlines for employee training assignments. If this describes your organization, then we recommend extending the user due date. This is a more hands-on approach, allowing more control over the due date extension. You’ll set a new due date for one or more users and send them manual notifications from the console to inform them their training has been extended. You can also send an email notification to the user, their manager, and the account admins.

To extend a user's due date, follow the steps below:

  1. From the Training tab of your KSAT console, click on the Campaigns subtab.
  2. Click on the name of the desired training campaign. 
  3. From the campaign’s overview page, click on the Users subtab. 
    • Alternatively, you can click on a User Progress button beneath the title of a piece of content. On the user progress page, you will only be able to update the due date for that specific training assignment.
  4. From the Users tab or the user progress page, click on the Past Due subtab.
  5. Find the desired user or users that need a due date extension on their content. Then, select the check box to the left of the content to extend the due date. If you're on the user progress page, select the check box to the left of the desired users.
  6. Click the Actions drop-down button. Then, click Extend Selected.
  7. Review the listed users, then click the calendar icon in the New Due Date field or type the new due date as MM/DD/YYYY.
  8. Click Extend Due Date to save the new due date and open the notifications page.
  9. We recommend sending a notification to any users you've extended the due date for and any of their managers so that they're aware of this extension.
    Note:Before using this feature, make sure that your user profiles have correct and properly formatted email addresses for their managers.

If you'd like to send additional notifications before the user's new due date, you can do so by sending manual notifications from the campaign’s overview page. For more information about training notifications, see our Training Campaign Notifications article. You can also send notifications with the [[extended_due_date]] placeholder to inform users of the new due date. You can use our system templates or customize your own training notifications. See our How to Use Placeholders article for more information on training notification placeholders.

Allowing Training to Be Completed After Due Date

If your organization takes more of a casual approach to employee training, or if the training content is beneficial but not necessarily required of your industry or position, then we recommend allowing assignments to be completed after the due date. This permits users to access and complete their training at any time after the due date. To encourage users to complete their training, you’ll set up automated notifications for users who have missed the deadline, and you’ll specify how often they receive these reminders.

When a training campaign has a specific end date or occurs on a relative duration schedule, you can allow users to complete training assignments after their original due date. You can also customize an automated schedule for sending Past Due notifications to users, their managers, and KSAT account admins, to ensure training is completed.

To allow users who miss their training deadline to still take their training, select the Allow assignments to be completed after due date check box. You can apply this setting when creating a new campaign, or when editing an existing campaign.

When you enable this setting for a campaign, a clock icon is displayed next to the campaign dates to indicate that users are allowed to complete their training after the deadline (click to view).

Note:When enabling this setting, it's important to add Past Due notifications to your campaign. Otherwise, users may not realize their training is overdue and may forget to log in and complete it. See the User Training Process article for more information.

Extending Campaign Due Date

As an alternative, you can extend the campaign end date for all users without affecting users who have already completed their training.

When users don't complete training assignments on time, you can edit the training campaign to extend its end date for all users. Changing the campaign's end date will not affect users who have already completed their training.

If you decide that changing the campaign end date is the best option to handle past-due users, follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to the Training section of your KSAT account.
  2. From the Campaigns tab, click the drop-down arrow to the far-right of the training campaign. From the Actions drop-down menu that opens, select Edit, as shown below.
  3. Extend the due date as you see fit:
    • If your campaign ends on a specific date, change it to a date your users should be able to complete the training by.
    • If you selected the Relative Duration schedule for your campaign, you'll need to consider the past-due user's campaign enrollment date. The number of days, weeks, or months you set for the new Relative Enrollment Duration must be greater than the length of time between the user's enrollment date and the date you want the user to complete the training on or before.
      Tip:You can view a user's enrollment date by navigating to the user's profile and finding it under their User Timeline tab (click to view).
      If you need help navigating to a user's profile, see our User Profile Guide. You can also see the enrollment date for a large number of users by downloading a CSV file from the campaign's Users subtab. For help navigating to the Users subtab, see our User Training Progress article.
  4. Click Update Campaign at the bottom of the page to save the campaign's new end date.

Please note that the automated notifications scheduled for users, managers, and admins will continue to send after extending a campaign end date.

Although they can be modified during a campaign, we recommend not modifying scheduled automated notifications once the campaign is in progress, as they do not work retroactively. We suggest using manual notifications instead.

You can add additional automated notifications to a campaign at any time. For more information about training notifications, see our Training Campaign Notifications article.

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