Phishing Security Tests

Change the Landing Page on Your Phishing Campaign

There are three options for setting which landing page your users will see when they fail your phishing tests: using the default landing page, a campaign-specific landing page, and a template-specific landing page. We recommend changing your default landing page for use across all phishing campaigns.

If you're looking for advice on which landing page to choose, visit our What Landing Page Should I Choose? article.

Change Your Default Landing Page

In the majority of our built-in phishing templates, clicking the simulated phishing link will lead to our system's default landing page.

You can choose a different default landing page by going to the Phishing Settings section of your Account Settings page and selecting your preferred landing page from the Default Landing Page drop-down menu.

Your default landing page will be used for all phishing campaigns unless you choose a campaign-specific landing page or set a template-specific landing page.

Choose a Campaign-Specific Landing Page

When setting up a phishing campaign, you have the option to select a landing page for that campaign.

Selecting a landing page here will override any template-specific landing pages as well as your default landing page.

If you have created an automatic, ongoing phishing campaign, you can edit the landing page for that campaign at any time.

Set a Template-Specific Landing Page

To manage, create, or edit a phishing template, click on the Phishing tab in your management console and then click on the Email Templates subtab.

You can find the template you wish to edit and click on its name. Here you can change various template-specific options as well as set a landing page. If you scroll to the bottom of the page, you will find the landing page options. You can set the drop-down menu to the landing page of your choice. Selecting a landing page here will override your default landing page.

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