How to Activate and Access Your KCM GRC Account with SSO/SAML

If your administrator has set up single sign-on (SSO) for your organization's KCM GRC platform, you will need to sign in with SSO to access your account. The sections below can help you activate and access your KCM GRC account.  

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How to Activate Your Account

How to Access Your Account

How to Activate Your Account

Before you can access KCM GRC, you will need to activate your account. Please see Activating Your Account for detailed instructions on using the activation email to activate your account. After you enter your activation code, you will not need to create a password. Instead, you will automatically be signed in to your account.

Important: Users with Account Administrator, Auditor, or Vendor user roles will be prompted to create a password at this time.

You only need to activate your account one time. After you complete this step, you can access your account with the instructions in the section below. 

How to Access Your Account

Note: Your account administrator may provide specific instructions for signing in to your account after activating it. Please contact your administrator if you have any questions.

To sign in to your account, navigate to your organization's KCM GRC login page, and click the Single Sign On button (shown below) instead of entering an email address and a password.

After clicking the Single Sign On button, you may be prompted to sign in to your organization's internal authentication system before you can access your account. If you need help with accessing your account, please contact your administrator or the KCM Support team

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