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You have the ability to enable surveys for your training campaigns. If enabled, your users will be prompted to take a survey after they complete each training assignment, with the exception of assessments and policies. The survey asks your users to provide feedback regarding certain attributes of the content they just completed. The survey also offers the ability to leave a text comment. From your campaign results area, you can review all ratings and feedback provided by your users.

Enabling surveys helps you keep in touch with your users to see if your training strategy is effective. These surveys allow users to communicate their thoughts about the type of content you're assigning, which gives you the insight you need to create more effective training campaigns.

Enabling Surveys

You can enable surveys when creating a new campaign or when editing an existing campaign. To enable surveys, follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to your KSAT console and navigate to the Training > Campaigns area.
  2. Open the campaign you'd like to add surveys to by doing one of the following actions:
    1. If you're creating a new campaign, click + Create Training Campaign.
    2. If you're editing an existing campaign, click the drop-down menu next to the campaign you'd like to add surveys to and click Edit.
  3. From either the Edit Training Campaign page or Create New Training Campaign page, select the Enable Content Survey check box.
  4. Once the Enable Content Survey check box is selected, an option to Allow users to leave comments will display. You can select the Allow users to leave comments check box if you would like to allow users to add an additional text comment to their survey feedback.
  5. Enter or change any other information you'd like for the campaign. Then, click Update Campaign or Create Campaign.
Note:If you activate surveys in the middle of a training campaign, users who have completed the content will not be able to go back to complete the survey for that content. Users will only be prompted to take the survey the first time they complete the content.

Completing Surveys in the Learner Experience (LX)

If surveys are enabled, a survey will display at the end of all training assignments, with the exception of policies. This prompt will display after the user closes their training content window in their Learner Experience (LX). The survey asks them to rate the content on a scale from one to five stars based on the following attributes:

  • Helpfulness of Content
  • Length of Content
  • Presentation of Content
Note:The attributes in the content survey are not customizable. By using a standardized content survey, admins can consistently report and compare content in the campaign.

Your users may also have the option to add a comment about the content they viewed, depending on the survey settings you selected on the training campaign. Users can leave a comment of up to 255 characters. They can also click Skip to opt out of the survey.

Note:There is no option to prevent your user from skipping a survey. If a user skips a survey, they will not have the opportunity to go back and complete it.

Once your users are done with the survey, they can click Submit.

Note: If a user's progress on a training assignment or campaign is reset, the user's existing survey results for any of the affected assignments will be removed. The user will be prompted to retake the survey when they complete their assignment again.

Survey Results

You can see the results of your surveys by navigating to the Training tab and then clicking on the name of the campaign. Click the Survey Results subtab within a campaign to review your survey results.

From this subtab, you'll be able to see the average survey results and the number of completed surveys for each piece of content. If you would like, you can download these results as a CSV file by clicking the Download CSV button in the top-right corner. If you have allowed users to leave comments, these comments will be included in the CSV file as well.

The numbers below each attribute represent the average rating users assigned to it. This number is calculated by adding the rating users gave for a particular attribute, then dividing that number by the total number of responses, and then rounding to the first decimal point. The formula for this calculation is written below:

The total sum of an attribute's rating from all respondents / The total number of responses.

As an example, let's say that three of your users completed the same content. If one user rated the presentation of the content as five stars, one user rated it as three stars, and the other user rated it as two stars, then the overall rating for the presentation of that course would be 3.3 stars. The formula for this calculation is written below:

(5 + 3 + 2) / 3.

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Using Survey Results

You can use the results of your survey to stay informed on the type of content that your users find the most engaging. Assigning content that your users find engaging makes them more likely to finish their training on time. If you use training that users find unhelpful or difficult to understand, you can view that feedback in your survey results and adjust your next training campaign accordingly.

For example, if you receive negative survey feedback regarding the length of the content you are assigning to users, you can select different training content for your next training campaign. In response to your survey results, you could instead assign training content that is more concise, or you could set up multiple training campaigns using shorter training content to be assigned over the next several weeks or months. 

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