Phishing Templates and Landing Pages

Partner and Multi-Account: Manage Landing Pages

Go to the Phishing tab of your Account Management portal. Then, click the Landing Pages tab. From here you can view, edit, and categorize System Landing Pages and your own Managed Landing Pages. These landing pages will be available under Phishing Landing Pages Managed Landing Pages in each of your managed accounts.

If you've never created a landing page before, we recommend starting by editing one of our built-in landing pages. First, go to the System Landing Pages tab under Landing Pages. Then, click on the name of a landing page and use the editor to customize it to your liking. Once saved, this edited landing page will be added to your list of managed landing pages.

You can also create your own custom landing page from scratch by clicking the + Create Landing Page from the Managed Landing Pages tab under Landing Pages.

To access customized landing pages in your managed accounts, they must be added to a Managed Landing Page Category. You can categorize a landing page by clicking the checkbox next to the title, selecting a category from the options that appear at the top of the screen, and clicking Move

For more details about how to customize landing pages, see our How to Create and Edit Email Templates and Landing Pages article or watch our Customization of Phishing Templates and Landing Pages video.


In addition to the Managed Landing Pages tab, you can export landing pages you've created and import them to specific managed accounts. You can use this functionality if you want to add certain landing pages to only specific accounts or if one of your accounts makes a landing page you'd like to use in other accounts. For more information on how to use this, check out our article Importing and Exporting Phishing Templates and Landing Pages

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