Phishing Security Tests

Phishing Security Test (PST) Overview


A Phishing Security Test (PST) is a tool provided by KnowBe4 that can help you determine how many users in your organization may be susceptible to a phishing attack.

The PST works by sending an email to your users. In our initial, free PST, this email includes text to trick users into clicking an embedded link. We offer several different types of PSTs based on your organization's needs. To see what PSTs will look like in your users' inboxes, you can preview PSTs in your KnowBe4 account, such as the PST preview below.

If the user clicks the link in the PST, they will be directed to a landing page. Our basic landing pages tell the user they failed a simulated phishing test and give them some tips for inspecting emails in their inbox.

After you send a PST to your users, you will be able to view their PST results. The results will include the number of users who failed the test divided by the number of users who received the test. This number is the Phish-prone Percentage, or the percentage of your users who failed the PST.

The PST can provide your users with real-world practice for recognizing and responding to social engineering attacks. You can also use the PST to supplement and reinforce any training that your users take.

If you're a current KnowBe4 customer, you probably already have access to this tool. To learn more about our PSTs and best practices for using PSTs, see our Phishing Security Test (PST) product manual. If you're not a current customer but you’re interested in a free phishing test for up to 100 users, you can sign up for a free phishing test on our Free Phishing Security Test page.

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