Account Customization

Manage Your Time Zones

You can customize your time zone settings in different places within your KSAT console. Depending on where you customize your settings, different areas of your console will be impacted.

Account Settings

Setting the time zone in your Account Settings will automatically set the default time zone used in phishing and training campaigns. This option can be helpful for admins, as they won't have to change the time zone every time they create a new campaign. For more information on how to make this change in your Account Settings, visit our How Do I Set up My Account's Time Zone, Business Days, and Hours? article.

Note: The time zone specified in a phishing and training campaign will take precedence over the time zone specified in your Account Settings. For example, if you set a campaign to start at noon Pacific Time, it will still begin at noon Pacific Time even if the default time zone in your Account Settings is Eastern Time.

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Phishing and Training Campaigns

Setting the time zone in an individual phishing or training campaign will affect the timing of the campaign. The campaign will send emails at the specified time for the selected time zone. If your organization has users in multiple time zones, this option allows you to set up different campaigns for users in their respective time zones.

If you want your campaign to start at the same local time for users in different time zones, we recommend that you create groups based on the users' local time zones and schedule campaigns for these groups.

To learn more about creating campaigns, visit our Creating and Managing Phishing Campaigns and Creating and Managing Training Campaigns articles. 

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Users Tab

Setting the time zone on the Users tab will affect the time a user will see in their console. We recommend only changing the time zone at the user level for admins. This is useful if you have multiple admins on the account that would like to view phishing and training reports in their respective time zones.

Important: We don't recommend setting a time zone for each user in your account.

User time zones can be changed individually and in bulk. To learn how to change user time zones on the Users tab, visit the sections below.

Setting Time Zones Individually

To set time zones for individual users, follow the steps below:

      1. Log in to your KSAT console.
      2. Navigate to Users > Users.
      3. From the list of users, find the user whose time zone you would like to change.
      4. Click the drop-down menu in the Actions column and select Edit.
      5. Navigate to the Time Zone field and select the desired time zone from the drop-down menu.
      6. When you're finished, click Update User at the bottom of the page.

Setting Time Zones in Bulk

To set time zones for users in bulk, follow the steps below:

      1. Log in to your KSAT console.
      2. Navigate to Users > Import Users > CSV Import.
      3. Create a CSV file that includes Email and Time Zone header fields, and add your users' email addresses and time zones. For example, see the table below:
        Email Time Zone (GMT-04:00) Atlantic Time (Canada) (GMT-04:00) Puerto Rico (GMT+05:30) Mumbai
        You can download a list of all available time zones here.
      4. Upload your CSV file.
      5. Click Import Users at the bottom of the page to change the time zone settings for the included users.

For more information about importing CSV files, visit our How do I import users with a CSV file? article.

Note: The time zone settings on the user profile don't affect the timing of when those users will receive emails related to phishing or training.

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