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User Login Experience

When you create a training campaign, you have the option to send an enrollment email automatically when the campaign starts. This email will provide your users with a link to confirm their account and log in for training.

You can also send users a link to your KnowBe4 training login page. KnowBe4's Training Instances article for a full list of login links. However, the email address the user signs up with MUST match the one that has been added to your account.

Once the user signs up (or clicks the training link from their enrollment email for the first time) they will receive a confirmation email, which looks like the below:

They will need to click on the Activate my account link in the email to confirm their account. Then, they will be instructed to fill out some basic information. Following this, the user will be able to start their assigned training.

Note: If there are concerns with your users clicking links in emails, you can let them know to hover over the confirmation link to make sure it directs them to the official KnowBe4 URL. You can reference our KnowBe4's Training Instances article for the specific login link.

User Login Alternatives

For those interested in an alternative login method for their users to access training, KnowBe4 supports the following options:

  • Password-Less Logins: This option can be used if you would like your users to log in to their assigned training without requiring them to use a password. More information on how to set this up on your account can be found here.
  • Single Sign-On (SSO): This option can be used if you would like to enable SAML integration on your KnowBe4 account. This will enable your users to automatically log in to KnowBe4 for their security awareness training. Visit here for more information about SAML/SSO integration.

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