Prevent Users from Making New Accounts

If the Allow Users to Signup setting is enabled in your Account Settings, any user with an email address at your domain can create a KnowBe4 user account by going directly to your KnowBe4 training login page. See our KnowBe4's Training Instances article for a full list of login links.

This can result in users mistyping or misformatting their email addresses, creating duplicate user accounts in your user list. To prevent users from doing this, you can turn off the Allow Users to Signup option by following the steps below.

  1. From your KnowBe4 console, click your email address in the top right corner and select Account Settings.
  2. Navigate to the User Settings section.
  3. Click on the enabled Allow Users to Create Accounts checkbox to disable this feature. This will prevent users from signing up with email addresses that have not already been imported into your Users area.

Users who attempt to log in without an account already created for them will receive an error message saying that the account "doesn't allow self-registration". If you are the main owner of your KnowBe4 account and receive this message, contact KnowBe4 support for assistance. If you are a user who is attempting to log in for training and receive this message, contact your supervisor or IT team.

Note: As of September 2016, new KnowBe4 accounts will have this Allow Users to Signup feature turned off by default. You can re-enable this feature if you'd like to allow users to sign up for their own accounts.

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