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Data Entry Landing Pages Guide

You can use data entry landing pages to see how likely your users are to enter sensitive information onto a webpage. When your users click a link in a phishing test, they will be redirected to a landing page with a data entry form. If your users enter data onto the form and submit it, their action will be considered a failure.

You can also add a secondary landing page that your user will see if they fail the test. This secondary landing page can inform the user that they failed the test and provide the user with tips on how to stay safe from future attacks. After your users have completed the test, you will be able to review their results in a report.

Important:We don't record any data that your users enter onto the landing page. No data is stored on our servers, including logs, as long as the form field names follow a strict naming convention. For more information, see the How to Create Your Own Data Entry Landing Page article.

For general information about landing pages, see our How to Create and Edit Email Templates and Landing Pages and How to Manage Your Email Templates and Landing Pages articles.

Using Our Data Entry Phishing Templates

When you create a phishing campaign, you can use our data entry phishing templates to see how likely your users are to enter data onto a landing page. For general information about phishing campaigns, see our Creating and Managing Phishing Campaigns article.

To create a new phishing campaign with our data entry phishing templates, follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to your KnowBe4 account and navigate to the Phishing tab.
  2. Click + Create Phishing Campaign.
  3. On the New Phishing Campaign page, from the first Template Categories drop-down menu, select Phishing For Sensitive Information.

  4. From the second drop-down menu, select Full Random.

  5. Do not change the Landing Page field.
  6. Customize the rest of the settings as you would like, then click Create Campaign.

Creating Your Own Data Entry Landing Page

You also have the option to create your own data entry landing page. For more information, see our How to Create Your Own Data Entry Landing Page article.

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