Multiple PAB Instances

Multiple Phish Alert Button Instances (Multi-PAB): Chrome or Google Workspace

The below instructions explain how to set up multiple Phish Alert Button (PAB) instances in Google Workspace (formerly G Suite). For an overview of why you may want to use multiple instances of the PAB, please see this page.

  1. Follow the instructions on our main Multiple PAB Instances article to add additional PAB instances under your KnowBe4 Account Settings
    1. Remember to name each PAB instance uniquely under Setting Name.
    2. Add an email address to forward non-simulated phishing emails to and, if desired, customize the prefix and button text if desired.
    3. Download the phish_alert_configuration.json file for each PAB instance you intend to configure on Google Workspace.
  2. Rename each phish_alert_configuration.json file to be similar to the corresponding PAB instance's Setting Name as you defined in your Account Settings. This will help to distinguish it from the other PAB instances you are setting up.
  3. Log into your Google Workspace Admin portal to organize users into separate organizations, with each organization corresponding to a specific PAB instance. Follow the steps below:
    1. Navigate to the Admin console in your Google Workspace account, then click on Users.
    2. Click on the three dots next to your domain, and click Add sub-organization. Add a sub-organization for each PAB instance you want to install.
    3. Add your users to the appropriate organizations per the instructions in this article.
  4. Install the Phish Alert Button per Steps 1 - 8 of our Phish Alert Installation Guide.
  5. Import the phish_alert_configuration.json file for each organization and make the Google PAB available for each organization. Follow the steps below for each instance of the PAB:
    1. Click User settings for the new app. 
    2. Select your first organization on the left.
    3. Ensure Allow installation is enabled.
    4. Click Override under both Force installation and Configure.
    5. Enable Force installation.
    6. Click the UPLOAD CONFIGURATION FILE button and upload the configuration (.json) file you downloaded for your first PAB instance.
    7. Click SAVE.
  6. Repeat Step 5 for each PAB instance.

Still need assistance? Check out the Google Workspace Administrator Help Center for additional resources or submit a support ticket and our KnowBe4 team will assist you.

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