Conducting Training Campaigns

Partner and Multi-Account: Create Managed Training Notifications

Training campaign notifications can be used to notify users, managers, and KSAT console admins of a user's enrollment in or progress on a training campaign. This article will show you how to create managed training notification templates that your partners can use in their training campaigns.

Note: In order to create managed training notification templates, admins will need to be granted the right permissions. Managing these templates can be done from the Admins tab of your management platform. To learn more, please see the Editing a Partner Admin section of the Partner/Multi-Account How to Manage Partner Admins article.

To create new managed training notification templates, navigate to Training > Notification Templates. Then, click the + New Training Notification Template button in the top-right corner of the screen. This will take you to the New Training Notification Template screen.

  1. Template Name: Enter a name for your training notification template. This name will help you determine the purpose of the notification at a glance. Admins for the accounts you are creating training notifications for will see this name as well.
  2. Sender’s Email Address: Enter the email address that you want the notification to appear to be coming from. You can use any email address you would like.
  3. Sender’s Name: Assign a name for the sender. This name will display on the training notification email next to the sender’s email address.
  4. Subject: Enter the email’s subject line. The recipient will see this subject line in their inbox. If you haven't added a Template Name, the subject line will also be used as the title of the template.

Once you are done specifying your campaign settings, click Save.

Note:To access customized training templates in your managed accounts, they must first be added to a Managed Templates category.

Another way to create or edit a training notification template, navigate to Training > Notification Templates. Under System Templates, you can click on one of our built-in training notification templates to open it in our What You See is What You Get (WYSIWYG) editor and make changes. Saving changes to a built-in system template will save a copy of your edit to the Drafts category under Managed Templates.

Note:To use the templates you create as part of a training campaign, you will have to create one or more categories under Managed Templates and move your custom templates out of the Drafts category and into a different category.

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