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One of the most critical factors in meeting compliance requirements is your users’ understanding of those requirements. Just as security awareness training creates a strong human firewall, Compliance Plus content gives your users the tools they need to help mitigate risk.

This article has been written for users who may be unfamiliar with the KSAT console. If you are a compliance expert with little experience in the console, please reach out to your admin with any questions that you may have. For best results, we recommend running a compliance training campaign once every quarter.

Tip:If you are an admin granting your compliance experts access to the KSAT console, see our  Who Can Manage Compliance Plus Training? article.

Finding Compliance Plus Training Content

Before you can create a training campaign, you must first select the content to include in that campaign. First, find Compliance Plus content in the ModStore. Then, add the desired content to your account’s library. 

If you are browsing the ModStore, look for items with the orange compliance badge next to the title. If you would like to specifically search for Compliance Plus content, follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to your KSAT console. 
  2. Navigate to the ModStore tab.
  3. On the Browse subtab, click on Additional Filters.
  4. From the Subscription Level drop-down menu, select Compliance Plus to browse all content specific to the Compliance Plus add-on.
  5. If you find the content you are interested in using, you can hover your cursor over the image and click View Details for more information. On the item details page, you can read the full content description and view the content.
  6. To add the content to your library, click the + Add to Library button. Once added, the content will be listed in the Library subtab, beneath the ModStore tab.
    • If an item shows the Already Added tag, the item is already available in your library and does not have to be added. 

Once you have added all of the Compliance Plus training you would like to your library, you can move on to Creating a Compliance Training Campaign.

Creating a Compliance Training Campaign

Once you have added content to your library, you can create a compliance training campaign. While logged in to your KSAT console, navigate to the Training tab. Then, click the +Create Training Campaign button in the top-right corner of the page.

On the campaign creation screen that opens, use the list below to create a compliance campaign with our recommended settings. 

  1. Campaign Name: Name your campaign something descriptive, such as "Compliance Training". 
    • This name will be seen by both admins and users completing the training. 
  2. Start Date: Select when you would like this campaign to run. 
  3. End Date: Select Relative Duration and use the default duration of three weeks. 
  4. Allow assignments to be completed after due date: Select this check box.
  5. Content: From the drop-down menu, select each of the training assignments you would like to include in this campaign.
    • In this menu, you can scroll vertically and horizontally as well as sort the list by each header. You can also type a keyword into the field to filter content.
    • Once you have selected the desired content, click out of the menu to view your content list. To reorder this list, you can click and drag the titles you would like to move. 
  6. Enable Content Survey: We recommend selecting this check box so that users will be prompted to take a survey after each assignment they complete. This setting is optional, but enabling surveys will help you keep in touch with users and see the effectiveness of your training strategy.
  7. Track Scores: Select this check box. This option saves the scores of each user for later review.
  8. Enroll Groups: Select Specific User. Then, from the drop-down menu, select the user group to enroll in this campaign. If this training is for everyone in your organization, select All Users.
    • If you do not know which group to include in this campaign, reach out to your admin for help.
  9. Enable automatic enrollment for new users: Select this check box. This option ensures that any users who are added to the selected groups at a later date will be enrolled in this training. 
  10. Enable progress reset for remedial training: This option is only recommended for remedial training campaigns. So, be sure that this check box is not selected.
  11. Notifications: We recommend creating notifications to welcome enrolled users and to remind them of the upcoming due date.

    To create a welcome notification, follow the steps below:

    1. Click the +Add Notification button. 
    2. From the Notification Type drop-down menu, select Welcome
    3. Select each check box next to User, Manager, and Admin
    4. In the drop-down menus next to each recipient type, keep the default templates selected.
    5. Click the Save button.

    To create a due date reminder, follow the steps below:

    1. Click the +Add Notification button. 
    2. From the Notification Type drop-down menu, select Remind Before Due Date
    3. Keep the default number of days before the due date.
    4. Check each check box next to User, Manager, and Admin
    5. In the drop-down menus next to each recipient type, keep the default templates selected.
    6. Click the Save button.
  12. Review your selected settings. When you are satisfied with the settings, click the Create Campaign button. 

After creating the campaign, users will be enrolled in this training on the start date. Once the campaign has started, you can move on to Monitoring a Compliance Training Campaign.

Monitoring a Compliance Training Campaign

To check on the progress of your users’ training, their scores, and other campaign metrics, follow the steps below.

  1. Log in to your KSAT console. 
  2. Navigate to the Training tab.
  3. On the Campaign subtab, find the compliance training campaign that you created. Click on the campaign name.
  4. The campaign’s Overview tab will display. On this tab, you will see a summary of the campaign, including a graph of users who have completed all of the content, the status, start date, relative duration, number of users, and more.
  5. To view user progress for the entire campaign, click on the Users subtab. 
    • This page is organized by subtabs, starting with All Users, then sorted by completion status.
    • The table is sorted alphabetically by user name. Under each user is a list of their enrolled content. To the left of the content name, you can see if the training was started, if and when it was completed, the user’s score for that module, and their current training status.
    • To find a specific user, enter their name or email address in the Search field. 

At any point during the campaign, you can download a spreadsheet of the user's progress. On the Users subtab of the campaign, click the Generate CSV button.

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