Second Chance

FAQ: Second Chance

Below are some commonly-asked questions about KnowBe4's Second Chance. If you don't see the answer you need, submit a ticket to our support team.

1. What file types work with Second Chance?

Second Chance will prompt the user when they click a link from any Office file (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) or PDF attachment. PDF attachments must be opened in Adobe Reader DC, Sumatra, or Foxit Reader.

2. What URL rewrites and shorteners are Second Chance compatible with?

The following table includes all of Second Chance's compatible URL rewrites and shorteners:

Supported URL Shorteners
Name URL
Capsulink, [www.]
Supported URL Rewriters
Name URL
FireEye *
Google (Gmail) [www.]
Mimecast protect-*
Outlook *
Sophos *
TrendMicro  *

3. Does Second Chance work with Outlook Web Access?

No. Outlook Web Access is not supported.

4. Can I have a list of KnowBe4's No Prompt Domains?

For security reasons, we can not share a list of our No Prompt Domains. Additionally, since the list is constantly changing, the data on the list would become outdated quickly.

5. My users are clicking Continue but their browser window isn't appearing.

The browser window will not appear as a pop up on the screen after clicking, so it has most likely been opened. Depending on the default browser, there may be a flashing browser icon in the taskbar indicating a new link has been opened. Instruct your user to double-check their browser after clicking the Second Chance prompt to continue to the website, as it should have been opened.

6. After installing Second Chance, I'm getting an error when I open Excel.

The error message The program can't start because MSVCR90.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem is due to a known compatibility issue with Windows 10, Excel 2010, and Sophos/Hitman Pro.

7. How is my data encrypted?

Your data is encrypted via HTTPS. This data falls under our normal privacy standards. For more details, see our privacy policy on our Product Privacy page.

8. I'm not receiving Second Chance prompts after installing through Group Policy.

If you’ve installed through Group Policy and you are not seeing Second Chance prompts, follow the below steps on the client machine where it should be been installed:

  1. Check your Add/Remove Programs list for "Second Chance". If you don't see it, attempt to follow the Command Prompt instructions shown below. If you do see Second Chance in your list of Programs, move on to the next step.
  2. Open the Services application, services. msc, and check to see if the following services are running. If not, you can restart the computer or start or restart the services so that you can receive Second Chance prompts when you click a link. 
    • knowbe4.secondchance.service
    • knowbe4.secondchance.opmanger
  3. Command Prompt Instructions:
    • Open an elevated Command Prompt (cmd) (run as Admin) on the client device you’re attempting the install on and enter the following commands to troubleshoot:
      • gpupdate /forceThis entry will force an update of Group Policy on the client machine you are logged in to.
      • gpresult /rThis entry will let you review whether or not the Group Policy you set up is being applied to the client machine you are logged in to.
  4. Make sure you are using a UNC file path with your GPO installation (Example: \\Server\Volume\File).
  5. Restart the machine you're trying to install Second Chance on.
  6. If installing using a .bat file, it needs to be run with sufficient privileges.

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