Use Cases for Placeholders

Our placeholders feature lets you create highly customizable and dynamic phishing templates. The placeholders are useful for creating a phishing template that is sure to get your users to click a link or open an attachment.

In this article, we have compiled a few fun examples of how our placeholders can be used in your phishing templates. If you would like a full list of our placeholders and how they can be used, visit our article here.

Important:Some of the placeholders mentioned in this article require account and user information to be filled in before using the placeholder. Using an empty placeholder will result in a blank space where the placeholder should be.

The following examples illustrate how company-specific information can be used to customize phishing templates if the fields are completed in the Account Owner's Account Settings:

  • [[street_address_1]]"A new restaurant is opening near you! 2002 Cyberchasers Lane Click here to check out their menu."
    [[city]] [[state]]"Breaking news: Mayor of Galaga, Arizona has been fired due to being in the center of a local college admission scandal."
    [[zip_code]]"New zoning regulations are being put in place and your zip code, 102590, is affected. Click here to see the new regulations.

The following examples illustrate how user-specific information can be used to customize phishing templates. The information must be completed in the user profile prior to use.

  • [[first_name]]"Congratulations Silas! You have won an all-inclusive resort stay for two on the beautiful island of Jamaica. Click here to redeem your prize before time runs out."
    [[last_name]]"As part of our newest promotion, Spirit Airlines is giving discounted plane tickets to people with the last name, Schrute."
    [[job_title]]"We are excited to inform you that the following position, Chief Chatter, will be relocating to our newest location in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania!"
    [[phone_number]]"Your phone number, 281-330-8004, was found on the following website along with other private information. To remove your information from this website, click here."
    [[location]]"User 352954 is asking you to verify your location. Is the following location correct? 123 Sesame Street."
  • "Due to recent budget cuts, the following departments will be liquidated within the next month: Food Science. If you have any questions, please reach out to your manager or HR."
    [[manager_name]]"Your manager, Michael Uzumaki, told me to reach out to you about the due date of this project. I need it to be moved up a couple of days before the original due date."
    [manager_email]]"The following email has sent you a document on Google Drive:"

The following examples illustrate how our miscellaneous placeholders can be used to create time-sensitive templates or add a shock value to the template.

  • [[random_number_1]]"You have 5 new email(s) that need your immediate attention."
    [[random_number_2]]"Buy up to 65 in raffle tickets for the chance to win a 65" flatscreen TV! See your manager for more information."
    [[random_number_3]]"You currently have an outstanding balance of $509 on your account. Please pay the balance by the end of the day to stop your account from being deactivated."
    [[current_date_0]]"Please make sure that all of your work is done no later than 9/24/2019 at 11:59 pm."
    [[current_date_10]]"Our email system will experience an update on 10/4/2019. It will be down for approximately 30 minutes."
  • [[callback_phishing_phone_number]]"On the off chance you might want to change/drop the subscription, contact the Customer Service Center at: 727-345-6789"
  • [[callback_phishing_code]]

    "Please have your personal support code ready to reference your account.


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