Managing Accounts and Users

Partner and Multi-Account: Import Users

There are three methods you can use to import users into one of your managed accounts. To import users, you will first need to log into one of your managed accounts by clicking on the Accounts tab and then clicking on the display name of one of your accounts in the Organization column. From here, you can import users to that specific account through quick import, CSV import, or Active Directory Integration (ADI). Click on one of the methods below to learn how to use it to import users for your managed account. 

We strongly recommend using ADI if that is compatible with your managed accounts, as this is the most efficient way to keep each user list up to date and to match each environment. For more information on how to use ADI, read our Active Directory Integration (ADI) Configuration Guide.

If ADI is incompatible with your managed account's environment, the next most common method is to import users by uploading a CSV file. You can upload a CSV file by logging into one of your managed accounts and navigating to Users > Import Users > CSV Import

As an Account Manager, you will have the option to choose who you want to notify of the import completion by using the Notify Upon Import Completion drop-down menu. Here, you can select to send an import completion notification to All Console Admins or a specific admin on your managed account. This option may be useful if you have a managed account that would rather not receive these notifications.There will be an option to send an import notification to yourself, or the user currently logged in, by checking the Send Import Notification to check box. For more information about the CSV Import method, see our How to Import Users with a CSV File article.

Finally, you can use the Quick Import method for your managed accounts. You can use the Quick Import method by logging in to one of your managed accounts and navigating to Users > Import Users >Quick Import. With this method, you can simply type or paste your list of users’ email addresses into the text box. There will also be options to Set Password for Users and to Select Groups for Users. For more information about the Quick Import method, see the Quick Import section of our Users and Groups article.

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