Risk Management Module

How to Use the Risk Templates Tab

The KCM GRC Risk Management module can help you assess, monitor, and mitigate the risks that your organization faces. In this module, the Risk Templates tab contains the pre-populated risks that are included in our Risk Wizard. Additionally, the Risk Templates tab contains all of the risks that you've added to your Risk Register.

To learn how to use the Risk Templates tab, see the sections below. For general information about the Risk Management module, see our Risk Management Module Guide.

Adding Risks from Risk Templates

You can add risks to your Risk Register from the Risk Templates tab. However, if you're just getting started with risk management in KCM GRC, we recommend that you use the Risk Wizard to add risks instead. For more information, see our How to Use the Risk Wizard article.

To add risks from the Risk Templates tab, follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to your KCM GRC platform.
  2. From your navigation panel navigate to Risk ManagementRisk Templates.Templates > Risk Templates
  3. Browse through the risks or use the Search Risk Templates... search field to search for risks. 
  4. Click the + button to add a risk to your Risk Register
  5. Fill out the fields on the Quick Add Risk page. For more information, see the Creating Individual Risks section of our How to Use Your Risk Register article.

Importing Risk Templates

You can import risk templates to the Risk Templates tab. To import a risk template, navigate to Risk Management > Risk Templates, then click the Import Templates button.

Important: If you import risks from the Risk Templates page, these risks won't be added to your Risk Register. To learn how to import risks directly to your Risk Register, see our How Do I Import Risks into My Risk Register with a CSV File? article.

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