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Why Doesn't My Phishing Link Work?

If you received an error page after following a phishing link, you may be viewing the phishing link outside of the standard KnowBe4 workflow. The error message will look similar to this:

The KnowBe4 workflow requires organizations to view our content within the console or through a simulated phishing email that was sent from a KnowBe4 phishing campaign. Otherwise, our content will not be accessible.

Important:The only way to share a phishing link within a simulated phishing email is to forward the email.

The reason KnowBe4 content is not accessible outside of the workflow is that we use a referer redirect for all of our landing pages. A referer redirect will automatically change or redirect the link’s destination depending on where the link was accessed from. This ensures that KnowBe4 content is being viewed as it was intended.

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