Whitelist Non-Phishing Emails from KnowBe4

You may have already whitelisted simulated phishing emails and training notifications from KnowBe4 in your system. However, if you're having difficulties receiving any other emails from KnowBe4, such as admin or system-related updates, or emails sent by KnowBe4 employees, this document will cover how to whitelist those types of emails in your Microsoft 365 environment.

The instructions for setting up this rule are shown below.

Note: The setup below describes how to allow emails unrelated to training or phishing to get through Microsoft 365's spam filter. For instructions on how to whitelist our simulated phishing emails and training notifications in your system, check out our related documentation:
  1. Log into your Microsoft 365 portal and go into the Admin > Exchange area.
  2. Click on Service Settings > Mail > Mail Flow.
  3. Click the (+) Create New Rule button beneath Mail Flow > Rules.
  4. Give the rule a name, such as "Whitelist Emails from KnowBe4".
  5. Click on More options....
  6. From the Apply this Rule if... drop-down menu, select The sender's domain is... option.
  7. Enter the following domains: "", "", and "".
  8. From the Do the following... drop-down menu, select Modify the message properties... option. 
  9. Click Save. An example of the completed rule is below.
  10. Select set the spam confidence level (SCL).
  11. Select Bypass spam filtering.
  12. Click Save. An example of the completed rule is below. See the below image for an example of a completed rule:

Tip: To ensure that you have whitelisted correctly, see our How to Verify You Have Whitelisted KnowBe4 Correctly article.

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