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What Happens to User Data That Is Entered During a Phishing Test?

Phishing for Sensitive Information Landing Pages

If you'd like to test whether your users are prone to falling for fake or malicious login pages, use templates and landing pages from our Phishing For Sensitive Information categories in your phishing campaigns.

These email templates and landing pages are designed to register whether your users will enter and submit data from a fake "credential-harvesting" webpage. We will only register that they clicked submit and failed the phishing test.

How Do You Prevent My User's Data from Being Stored?

Our Phishing For Sensitive Information landing pages includes special HTML functions that intentionally filter out your users' sensitive information, so what they have entered will not be tracked or stored in any way. The landing page will only log that the user failed the data entry portion of the test.

You can also create your own data entry landing pages for your phishing campaigns. Please note that you must follow the directions in this article to ensure no entered data will be logged.

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