Second Chance

Second Chance Overview

As part of your Security Awareness Training program, your organization can install our Second Chance free tool. Second Chance can help you defend against cyber attacks by prompting you to think twice before opening a link. In this article, you can learn how to use Second Chance.

You can also find a video about Second Chance in our Video: How Second Chance Works article.

When you click a link from an email, Office file, or PDF file, a Second Chance Alert pop-up window will display the link that you clicked. When you see this alert, you should analyze the link carefully for any red flags. Then, click the Yes or No button to confirm whether you would like to open the link.

Note: Second Chance may not alert you for all of the links. Your organization may have marked some links as safe, so these links will not prompt an alert message to display.

If you have any questions about a Second Chance alert that you receive, contact your organization's IT team or your supervisor.

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