Setting Up Whitelisting

Reasons to Whitelist KnowBe4

Because our phishing templates mimic real-life phishing attacks, your mail server may block them. Without whitelisting our servers, our templates may end up in your users' Junk or Spam folders or blocked entirely.

If our templates are unable to reach your users, it will be impossible to get an accurate representation of your organization's Phish-prone Percentage.

Your users will also be inadequately prepared to defend your organization when a real, dangerous phishing email gets past your mail filters.

Properly whitelisting KnowBe4's mail servers will guarantee the delivery of phishing test emails and training notifications. For more information about how to properly whitelist our servers in both your mail server and additional spam filters, see our Whitelisting Data and Anti-Spam Filtering Information article.

If you have trouble whitelisting, contact our support team for additional assistance.

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