Better Reporting and Tracking for Training

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    Katie Brennan

    Hi Connie,

    I'm replying to your community board post regarding obtaining a report on who has completed a training campaign. You can see/download this report from within the training campaign you'd like that report for. For example, if you have a campaign called "Annual Training Campaign" and you'd like to see who has completed that training, navigate to Training > Campaigns, then click the name of your campaign "Annual Training Campaign". From here, you can either click on the individual Module names OR click the Users tab to see completion reports. Clicking the "Download CSV" option is probably the easiest bet, as you can manipulate the data and find what you need very quickly. You'll also be able to see the status of all of the users included in the campaign in the Status column of the CSV.

    If this isn't what you're looking for, please provide some more information on what would be beneficial for you, so I can submit a feature request on your behalf. I can also have one of our support techs reach out for further instruction. We are here to help you with anything you need.

    Hope to hear from you soon,


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    Connie Manoliu

    I agree. The reporting is very poor. Why can't you just run a report on who has completed the campaign? That is the most obvious report and is unavailable.

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    Kevin Jette

    The sorting options at the campaign module level (Not started, in progress, completed) should also be available at the campaign level.  I understand I can download a spreadsheet that I can then sort but I don't want to do that every time.  I'd like to quickly sort it on the screen and not go through the multiple steps of downloading a report.  During pre-sales the robust reporting features were talked about but I think there could be a lot more functionality.

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    Lauren Ashley

    Hi Kevin!

    Thank you for your feedback on the reporting and sorting options for training campaigns.

    I have passed along your request for the ability to sort user campaign completion statuses at the campaign level to our Development team for review. We base much of our development on customer feedback so your input is appreciated. 

    In the meantime, an alternative option to your current workaround would be to create one or more Smart Groups (for Platinum and Diamond subscription levels) to decipher and download CSV reports for users' training module completion statuses (enrolled, started, or completed).

    If you have any further input feel free to share.

    Thanks again!


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