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Automatic Delete


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    Jacob Hahn

    Hi Andy,

    Thank you for your suggestion!  It does sound like that would be a useful feature, so I have gone ahead and submitted a feature request on your behalf.  We can't make any guarantees, but please keep an eye on the PhishER change log!


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    Debbie PANTANO

    I agree, this would be a welcomed improvement.  It may be beneficial to have the option to set a "delay" in case an organization wants to review the results before permanent deletion.  This would help organizations that are still learning and building their PhishER rules, and international organizations as PhishER is not always properly identifying emails that are not in English gain confidence in the solution. 

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    Jared McGinley

    Hi Debbie,

    Thanks for your post! I'll go ahead and add your information to this request as well. 




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