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    Maddy Townsend-Hahn

    Hi Rob,

    Thanks very much for your feature request! I've submitted it to our development team for review. We base a lot of our new releases and features on customer ideas and requests, so we do appreciate your input.





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    Wei Tseng

    I want to add to this feature request. I'm surprised it's not already a feature since PhishER is a privileged application and we'd need traceability to admin actions especially for PhishRIP (e.g. did an IT or InfoSec analyst quarantine/delete an email?)

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    Douglas Freeman

    Hello Wei, 

    Thank you for contributing to our community board. I did want to let you know that we do have logging in PhishER but it's at the inbox level and it per message. You can find that information here on how to access the message history. 

    I do understand that the message history doesn't meet your full request so I will be putting in a feature request on your behalf! Thank you for contributing to the community board I look forward to anything else you can find to help us improve the platform. 

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