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    Douglas Freeman (Editado )

    Hello Jesse

    I wanted to update the post to let you know that we do have a workaround that will assist you with header analyzing. 

    Right now you can accomplish this task using the PhishER Platform. 

    With PhishER once a message is injected you can check the message details this will include the header of the email. 
    You can also set rules to run against the information found in the header and from there assign automatic actions such as emailing your infosec team or marking it as a threat. With the addition of our PhishRip feature, you can even pull the email from the user's inbox based on the criteria. 

    I do understand that that was not the original request and this is a workaround so I’ll keep this feature request open for additional contributors and for our development team!

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    Lauren Ashley

    Hi Jesse,

    Thank you for your input. I have forwarded your idea to our Development team for review. We base a lot of our development on customer feedback so we do appreciate your input. Feel free to share any other ideas you may have!



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