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    Douglas Freeman

    Hey Michael, 

    Thank you for contributing to the community board. As of right now the content that is available has to be assigned by a user with the proper security roles or a fully-fledged administrator. 

    I can completely see the want to open up the Modstore to all users but that is not a feature we currently have. A workaround. to, at the very least, give the users access would be to have a group of all users that have security rolled access to the Modstore. 

    You could not be able to track who did what training but the users could see the modules in their entirety from there. You could also have those users email you for courses they'd like to take and receive credit for if you wanted to take it to that next level. 

    I know that was not your original request so I'll put in a feature request for you on this item!


    Thank you for your contribution to the community board we look forward to hearing your other requests!

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    George Mileon

    I was going to create a new post with the same general theme, but I'll piggyback off this one instead. 

    I agree with Michael.  Several employees have expressed interested in taking courses on their own.  I can give them access to the library with a security role, but they can only preview content.  There's no official record they took a course.  For them to get credit, I have to create a training assignment.  For motivated employees the options are lousy.  If someone wants to learn more about cybersecurity there shouldn't be barriers to them doing so.  This is a glaring deficiency that I would really like to see addressed.

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    Walter Nelson

    Hi George,

    There may be a solution for you using our Optional Learning feature. Please take a look at this guide from our support site on how to start using Optional Learning! I hope this helps.

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