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    Douglas Freeman

    Hi Alex, 

    Thank you for contributing to our community board. I can see where you would want to attach those helpful documents so the end-users can have that data. Currently, we don't have that as a feature in the console. 

    I did think of a workaround that might work for you in the meantime. One way that you can use the KnowBe4 platform to get the Red Flags documentation to the users would be to add it as a policy to one of your training campaigns. We have a few ways to accomplish this at the moment. 

    If you would like you can add it to an existing training module that the user would have to acknowledge prior to the module being marked as complete.

    You can find that documentation here

    Note that in this method you will need to host the PDF.


    The secondary method would be to download the PDF from our Mod store and re-upload it as a standalone policy. 

    You can find the documentation here. 

    In this way, you can add it to a training campaign and create a one-page "policy" Where the end-user can acknowledge that they viewed the document and download it. With this method, you have a level of feedback to the users that actually viewed the document, whereas in a training notification you would not have that data. 

    I hope these workarounds work for you, since they are not your specific request I've submitted a feature request to the development team. They take these seriously and use them to enhance our console for our end users! 

    Thank you again for contributing to our Community Board I hope you'll provide more great ideas for our dev team!


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