Ability to send emails that are tracked like phishing is but without malicious links




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    Kaiser U. (編集済み )

    Hi Pedro,

    Thanks for your feedback! Currently there is a slight limitation with this request-- if those emails you'd like to track are going to contain any links. 

    1.) If there are links: To prevent weaponizing our console any links added to a template or landing page automatically are made to redirect and behave as a regular KnowBe4 link. This prevents external linking and potential dangers through the console.

    2.) If there are no links: Then you can make your own templates (without links) or attachments and simply create a phishing campaign that is marked as "hide from reporting". This will ensure any non-phishing campaigns are not treated as regular phishing campaigns. You'll still be able to track the opens, sent, recipients, and so on. 

    I hope this helps! Please feel free to continue to share your feedback. 



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