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    Ashley Rush (編集済み )

    Hello True,

    Thank you for contributing to the community board. There are two options that you could use within the console to get the information you are looking for:

    1. Phishing Reports

    This would require a little bit of manual work in order to pull the report. First, you would want to limit the date range to the last 5 months and submit the report. Afterward, you would want to to sort the reported column from highest to lowest. However, if you want to also ensure they have no failures then you will want to check the failures column to make sure that it is at 0 if the Reported column is 5 or above.

    2. Smart Groups

    For our Platinum and Diamond subscription level customers, a smart group could be used to find the users that have not failed, but have reported 5 phishing tests in a row. This would require two rules. I have included an example below for if you were testing on a monthly basis:

    - User must not have had any failures more than 0 times in the last 5 months

    - User must have reported more than 4 times in the last 5 months

    Once the smart group pulled the user memberships, you can use the download button to get a CSV of the users emails that meet those criteria. The bonus of this option is that the smart group will actively keep that group updated month to month as you continue to do phishing tests.

    If your testing at a different frequency, then you can update the relative duration to match how frequently you are testing your users.

    I hope that this helps!



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