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    Lauren Ashley (編集済み )

    Hi Marc!

    Thank you for your feature request. I've passed this information along to our Product and Development teams for review. 

    I'm not sure how you're parsing your data for your dashboard, but just in case you aren't already aware, here is a potential workaround for pulling the data you're seeking: 
    If you target the "get all training enrollments" endpoint with the "campaign_id=[campaign_id]" parameter, the "status" attribute may provide the data you're seeking. 
    For more information, please see the Get all Training Enrollments section of our API Manual

    We do take customer input into consideration when planning enhancements for our platform. Therefore, your feedback is greatly appreciated! 

    Thanks again,


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    Marc David

    Is there a way in Postman to narrow down my returned results based on that status?

    I'm able to get the specific campaign via Postman.. great!

    But how do I narrow that down further to get the STATUS?

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    Lauren Ashley

    Hi Marc, 

    I'm happy to hear you were able to pull the specific campaign! Unfortunately, I don't have much familiarity with Postman. However, my colleague suggested the following (refer to the screenshot below):

    1. Click the Params button to the right of the GET request field. 

    2. in the Key field enter "status". 

    3. In the Value field, enter a status value: (Created, Enrolling, In Progress, Completed, or Cancelled).
    Note: The Get a Specific Training Campaign section of our API Manual has more information about the training campaign attributes.


    That's our best guess! I hope this helps! 

    All the best,


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