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    Lauren Ashley

    Hi Jesse!

    Thank you for this request!

    I've passed this information along to our Development team for review. But in the meantime, we do offer some of our modules in a "non-skip" format–meaning users must listen to the full audio in each section before advancing to the next. 

    If you're interested in seeing which "non-skip" training modules may be available at your subscription level, please click here to start a Support Ticket, or just respond to this thread and I'll create a support ticket for you. 

    Thanks again!


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    Khalif Yisrael

    Can I retake a test?

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    Walter Nelson

    Hi Khalif,

    Thanks for the question. You can certainly retake the training modules. Your users can do this themselves by selecting the option to reset their progress when accessing the module for a second time. Administrators of the KnowBe4 console can also reset the progress of a user's training by doing this themselves manually from the KnowBe4 Admin console.

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