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    Lauren Ashley

    Hi Caleb!

    Thank you for this request, I’ve passed your ideas on to our Development team for review. We do take customer input into consideration when planning new features for our console, so your feedback is appreciated!

    In the meantime, I’d like to tell you about one of our newest products, PhishER, which may address your needs. KnowBe4’s PhishER is a Security Orchestration and Automation Response (SOAR) platform that can be used to manage the emails your users report as suspicious. Using PhishER, you can create rules and specify actions to automate the review and disposition of reported emails.

    How PhishER could meet needs of your scenario:

    1. In addition to [or in lieu of] using the PAB, you can specify Reporting Emails where users will be able to manually forward their simulated (and non-simulated!) phishing tests to your PhishER inbox.
    2. If you’re creating simulated phishing tests that can be identified by rules you’ll create in PhishER, you’ll have the ability to set up an action to notify yourself (via email) when the users report the simulated phishing emails.

    3. Use the PhishER reporting features–such as the “Reporters” report–to identify the users who reported their phishing tests via the Reporting Email, you’ve set up.

    For more information, please see the PhishER Product Manual, as well as the PhishER section of our Knowledgebase, here

    See here if you’d like to request a demo of PhishER.

    Also, I do want to be sure you’re aware that the Phish Alert Button is available on the Outlook Mobile App for iOS and Android. Please refer to this article to see if your environment is compatible. 

    Thanks again! 


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    Michael Potter

    I'd like to re-raise this request...with the Covid19 situation, we have even more users than ever not using Gmail in the Chrome web browser or not signing into Chrome to get the KnowBe4 PAB extension. Even before now, anyone who checked our organization's emails using an iOS device had no way to report a suspected phish email to Knowbe4.

    The only visible way to report phishing in Gmail without the Knowbe4 extension installed is in the message menu where "Report Phishing" sends an alert to Google, who then alerts me about a spike in suspected phishing (or spam if that's what the user picked in the menu instead of phishing) on my domain that I need to investigate.

    Having a phishing report email address for PhishER is fine, but I don't have that service. What can I tell the dozens of employees who don't have access to the Phish Alert Button to report Knowbe4 phishing tests?

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    Douglas Freeman

    Hello Michael, 

    Thank you for letting us know about your challenges with working with the PAB. We are continuing our effort at KB4 to increase integrations with all mail clients as the need arises. I'll continue to forward your request over to our PAB engineers so that they can be aware of what integrations are being requested. 

    Thank you again for letting us know about these challenges and I'm hoping that we can find a solution that works for you going forward. 

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    Andrew Meyercord

    Has there been any progress on this request? It seems like a fairly straightforward feature to provide an address for submitting phish reports, and one that is common with email security providers. In my case, we use Mimecast email gateway, which has its own Outlook plugin with its own phish report button. There is no way to disable this button, and so users often report phish to Mimecast instead of to KnowBe4. The button allows reported messages to be forwarded to another address, so it would be ideal to forward these reports to knowbe4, which would give the Mimecast reporting button similar functionality to using the phish report button.

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    Walter Nelson

    Hi Andrew,

    Thanks for posting and for your interest in this feature. I definitely agree with you this would be very useful to have. Especially for your situation that you have described. That being said I am unable to provide insight on if this feature is on the current roadmap, as what gets implemented is at the sole discretion of our development team, but I will definitely give it a +1 for you so that our development team can see that there is a strong interest and demand for it. Thank you again!

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