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    Lauren Ashley

    Hi Jason!

    Thank you for contributing to the community board and sharing your ideas! I've passed these requests along to our Development team for review. Customer feedback is certainly taken into consideration when planning future development or enhancements to the KnowBe4 platform; therefore, your input is appreciated! 

    Thanks again!


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    Hello team,

    May I check if there is any progress of this request? Besides, is it possible to add a pause function for one-time phishing campaign when it has started? Sometimes we launch one-time phishing test with a 3-day distribution. But during the progress, we found misconfiguration or inappropriate words. In this case, we need to pause and revise the campaign, however we do not want to give up the previous testing result. Therefore, this function is very useful. Your reply is much appreciated.

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    Douglas Freeman


    Thanks for following up on this one, I don't currently have a progress report on this specific request. I do have somewhat of a workaround that might work for you. Our phishing campaigns will only use emails in their current state when they are going to be sent. 

    So if you were to schedule an email to go out in 3 days and you find a typo or a modification that is needed, you can modify that template up until the point that it gets ready to send. The console will only pull the most updated saved version.

    I've also passed this additional request for this feature to our Dev Team so they can know multiple people are requesting this feature!

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