Custom email to receive phishing alerts



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    Katie Brennan

    Hi Eric,

    Thank for your request. I have forwarded your idea to our development team for review. We base a lot of our development on customer feedback so we appreciate your input.

    Thanks again!


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    Benjamin Shirley

    This is great workaround for the missing macOS addin

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    Walter Nelson

    Hi Benjamin,

    Thank you for posting to our community board. I have added you as a +1 to this feature request. We are looking for a PAB specific fix for macOS but I would like to offer up something that may work for you in the meantime. We have a separate platform called PhishER that works with the regular KnowBe4 console that has an email address you can have suspicious emails forwarded to and it will help disposition those. Here is some information on that in case you are interested. 

    Documentation -

    Video -

    We recognize that this isn’t the solution that was requested here and our development team is still looking for ways to get the PAB to work with that configuration. I hope this helps!

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