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Vendor Qualifying Questions (Useless?)



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    Hannah Ezell

    Hi Tom,

    Thanks for reaching out to us here on the KCM Community Board! We appreciate you taking the time to provide some feedback on the product for us here.

    At the moment, the "Qualifying Questions" exist to help your organization assess the level of risk associated with each vendor created within your platform and are only available in the vendor's profile. However, I do see what you mean in regard to how this feature could be improved!

    I've submitted feature requests for you to our Development team with regards to the ability to export Qualifying Questions and their answers from KCM, to combine the redundant "Shared Data" fields on a vendor's profile, and the ability to use "Qualifying Questions" as an influencing factor on identifying Risk for a given vendor. We base a lot of our new releases and features on customer ideas and requests, so we do appreciate your input!

    Please feel free to reach back out to our team if there's anything else we can help with here, and otherwise have a fantastic rest of your week!


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