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Task duration when setting up Task Schedule



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    Megan Kincaid

    Hi Carol,

    Thanks for reaching out in the Community Board for KCM GRC regarding a Task duration schedule. I think there may be some existing functionality in KCM GRC that could help you! I've opened a Support request on your behalf, and you should be receiving it soon. Please feel free to reach out in that Support request to further discuss your KCM GRC questions or concerns regarding task schedule dates.



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    c laprise

    This is similar to a problem we are having with task schedules as well.  We noticed we are unable to set a task duration; which we would like to be able to do to facilitate more realistic planning of scheduled tasks for controls.

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    Carol Shen

    I've been communicating with the KB4 team, and submitted a feature request for a function that's more like how a typical calendar invite would work, with a custom repeated frequency and start/end dates. I checked out the ADR function but it was more for user upload and entry instead of controlling task schedules. 

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    Hannah Ezell (Szerkesztve )


    Thank you both for your updates on this topic. However, I am afraid that KCM does not currently offer a feature to allow for the ability to set a task duration on your scheduled tasks at this time.

    However, what Carol has shared is correct and we do currently have a feature request open with our Development team for exactly what you've described! Curtis Laprise, I'll ensure to get you added to this feature request as well.

    Thank you both for writing to the KCM GRC Community Board!



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