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    Alysia Maxwell

    Hi Tjalling,

    Thank you for providing this feedback! I have put in a feature request for you directly with our development team.

    Thank you, 

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    Ewoud Vlasselaer (Szerkesztve )


    I would like to second this request.

    The language support is very well done in terms of phishing campaigns, however for the training section only default templates are available which is a bit dissapointing.

    We save a lot of time since using KnowBe4 as we are easily able to create multilingual phishing campaigns, however we now lose that same time when we have to create a huge amount of training campaigns just to support each language. 

    The default templates do not even offer limited customization (if they need to be auto-translated) and are generally not sufficient.

    Thank you in advance!

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    Jim McElwain

    Hello Ewoud,

    We appreciate your feedback! I have gone ahead and added you to the feature request.


    Jim McElwain

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