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Different Reporting Email filters?


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    Michael Miller

    Hi Dmitry, 

    Thank you for reaching out! To answer your question, this is possible to do. I'm going to go ahead and open a ticket on your behalf to go over how to do this in more detail.  

    Speak with you soon!


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    Dmitry Zagadsky

    For anyone seeing this in the future: turns out this is something missing as of now and a feature request was added. It might get fixed at some point in the future.

    When sending messages to PhishER using the Phish Alert Button, PhishER reads the header and contents of the original phish message that is attached and not the envelope that was sent to PER. It does appear to capture the "Reported by" data from the envelope forwarded to PER, so it's probably capable of reading which PER mailbox the report was sent to.

    If you simply forward messages to PER instead of forward as attachment or use PAB, it is possible to create rules based on which PER mailbox got the report. That somewhat defeats the purpose because you'd be reading the headers of the forwarded message from internal users to PER, and losing the original header data of the suspected phishing message.


    Either way, thank you Michael for the help and follow up.

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