O365 PAB to replace Microsoft Buttons



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    Douglas Freeman

    Hi Mark, 

    Thank you for contributing to our community board. I've gotten this request over to our development team for review I'm positive integration with one of our more popular mail clients will be something they are interested in! 

    Let us know if you have any other items you'd like for us to push over to them! 

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    Bruce Collick

    This sounds very similar to our issue with SecureMail (Cisco product). 

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    Kaiser U.

    Hey Bruce! 

    Thanks for chiming in. Is this something you'd like to open a support ticket for? We'd love to look into this if you need further help. Just let us know and we'll get one made for you. :)




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    Matt Hotujec

    As of June 2020, Microsoft does not let you disable their built in phish reporting tool:



    We have done the following to help guide users to the right place:

    Configure an O365 alert to be sent to somebody internally within our organization when people use the Microsoft phish reporting tool.  Then configure a Flow (Power Automate) to extract the email address of the person who used the MS phish reporting tool and send a new email to them explaining that the tool they used sends the information to  Microsoft and not to us, so we can't analyze the message, and providing a link to a sharepoint document that explains how to use the Phish Alert button on various platforms (Outlook app, OWA, and Outlook mobile), as well as instructions for adding the PAB to the message surface so it is easier to use.

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