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    Ashley Rush (Szerkesztett )

    Hi Nick,

    I wanted to provide an update on the feature request for SSO/SAML implementation with KCM. We have just added this feature to KCM for SAML 2.0! You are able to configure SSO/SAML in your Account Settings under the new SSO Settings section. 

    You can read more about configuring SSO/SAML in this article.

    Thank you again for contributing to the community board!


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    Lauren Ashley

    Hi Nick! 

    Thank you for your contribution to our community board! We do have plans to implement SSO/SAML with KCM for multiple providers, including Azure AD. This functionality is on our 2019 roadmap and set to release in the near future. Unfortunately, I cannot provide a definite timeline, but we'll be sure to let you know once this is available! 

    If you have any other feature requests feel free to share! 

    All the Best, 


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