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    Ashley Rush

    Hello Ryan,

    Thank you for submitting your feature request to the community board! We have released a feature that will allow you to automatically submit attachment hashes, as Bruce mentioned previously. If automatic scanning is enabled, VirusTotal will automatically be sent a hash of all attachments and/or URLs received by your PhishER inbox.

    To enable this feature, follow the steps below:

    1. Log into PhishER

    2. Go to the Settings tab

    3. Select VirusTotal under Integrations

    4. Enable VirusTotal as well as the two Automatic scanning options

    Note that you will need a VirusTotal key in order to enable this option.

    For more information you can read this article on the VirusTotal Automatic Scanning feature, as well as receiving a VirusTotal key.


    Ashley Rush


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    Bruce Collick

    It looks like this was just introduced as a feature in PhishER. You don't need to use YARA rules to accomplish it. In your account settings, click on Virus Total. There are 2 options to enable sending all attachments and hashes automatically now.

    I just enabled it in our console.

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