Is there an automated way to send each user their phishing report?


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    Maddy Townsend-Hahn

    Hi Phil,

    That's a really cool idea but we don't have that feature at this time. Can you give me some more details on what type of information you'd like to see on that report so I can make a feature request for it? 


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    Loren Data

    Agree with Phil, this would be very useful.  I would want the entire Personnel Rick Report sent via email based on Admin setup.  Example 1. After each campaign or 2. Quarterly or Yearly. 

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    Douglas Freeman

    Hello Lauren, 

    Thank you for contributing to the community board, That would be a great idea and I see how that could be useful. 

    I've submitted a feature request on this item for you! 

    Our dev team takes these seriously so I'm hoping we can have a more robust reporting feature for you in the future. 


    Thank you again for contributing and I look forward to any more suggestions that you might have. 

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