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    Maddy Townsend-Hahn


    Hi Mark,

    Thanks very much for sharing your idea with us. I've submitted a feature request on your behalf to our development team for review. We base a lot of our new releases and features on customer ideas and requests, so we do appreciate your input. 





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    Ben Leibert

    I agree - this would make KMSAT much easier to manage.

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    Walter Nelson

    Hi Ben,

    Thanks for the interest in this feature request. I have added you as a +1 to it.

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    David Engel (Szerkesztve )

    Depending on the requirements of the training - specifically, how long is allowed for completion and if the content needs to change - I think this is relatively easy to handle now within the setup of the training campaigns.

    • Set up a generic group to be used for the training, e.g., "Additional Training Group"
    • Set up the training campaign with an End Date of "Relative Duration" or "No End Date" (if it should be optional).
    • Pick the training Content
    • Enroll the group "Additional Training Group"
    • Enable automatic enrollment for new users
    • Remove Completed Users From the group "Additional Training Group"
    • Set up the appropriate Notifications

    After this, you just need to add the user to the "Additional Training Group" will enroll them, and once they complete the training, they will be removed from that group.

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