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Remove User from Video Training Campaign 'Group' Upon Completion



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    Katie Brennan

    Hi Tyler,

    Thanks for this feature request as well. I've also submitted it to our development team for review.

    If you need anything else, please let us know.


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    Joy Snyder

    Any progress on this?  I see the field is there to "Remove Completed User From" and then a drop down list, but only two of my groups are in there Test and Read Only.  I want to auto remove users from the New Employees Group when they complete all the course assigned to them.  I have a smart group created to add users to the training group if they have been created in the last one day.  But need a way to remove them from that group when they have completed all the training assigned to that group

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    Lauren Ashley

    Hi Joy,

    The reason your New Employees Group is not included in the "Remove Completed User From" drop-down is because it is a Smart Group and users cannot be manually added or removed from Smart Groups. 

    You can accomplish your goal by adding another rule to your New Employees Smart Group. You'll want to add the following rule to automatically remove the new employees from the New Employees Group:

    Training: User has not completed in all of these [Select all New Employee training assignment(s)] ever (or another applicable timeframe)

    I hope this helps! If you have any questions, feel free to submit a support ticket to support@knowbe4.com

    Thanks again!


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