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Need a delegated Admin capability for segregating groups of users under a domain



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    Lauren Ashley

    Hi Joyer,

    Thank you for contributing to our community board! We do have a feature providing the ability to limit administrative access to the various areas of the console, as well as the ability to further limit this access to only include data for specific groups within these areas. This feature is called Security Roles, and it is available to our Platinum and Diamond customers. Please see our How to Use Security Roles article for more information.

    Depending on whether you're using our Active Directory sync feature, and if further division in your user base is needed, our Smart Groups feature may come in handy in this permissions process. This Platinum and Diamond feature can be used for ample types of user segmentation–groups based on job titles, divisions, and/or email domains are just a few examples.

    I hope this information helps! Feel free to reach out to our Support team, here if you have any questions.

    Thanks again!


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    Katie Brennan

    Hi Scott,

    Thank you very much for your feature request. This is something that is in the works with our development team. As soon as it becomes available we will notify all admins of the change.

    Thank you for your request!


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    Joyer Jude Lobo

    Hi Katie, 

    Do you have this feature currently available for KnowBe4 subscribers? 



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