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Adding Campaign Information to the downloadable CSV



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    Ashley Nelson

    Hello Todd,

    I wanted to follow up on your feature request regarding emailing managers a summary of their direct reports training status. We now have this feature within the console! When you are creating a training campaign, you can elect to send a notification to the user, manager, and account administrator(s). We also have added manager specific notifications that will give them a list of users incomplete at the time of the notification. 

    You can read more about the type of notifications for campaigns in this article.

    Do note that in order to use these notification templates, you will need to ensure that the manager field is either syncing from Active Directory or is added through a manual import, such as the CSV import option to the users.

    Thank you for contributing to the community board!


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    Debbie Tidmore


    Regarding Ashley's comments above, we use this feature but we need a comprehensive Advanced Report to provide periodic updates to managers.

    From the Training Status report, it would be nice to select the fields we want to export. I would like to see the manager's name/email address, the date a course was assigned/completed, if assigned due to failing a phish test - the date they failed the phish. 

    This functionality would be great on many of the reports, allowing us to select the data fields we want to include.

    Thanks you!

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    Kaiser U.

    Hi Debbie,

    Thanks for elaborating on this further! While I'm glad Ashley's workaround is helpful, I can definitely see the merit in expanding the functionality and feature even further. As such, I've gone ahead and included this for you in your feature request for our development and product team to consider and review. 

    If others in our board(s) find it helpful, please feel free to let us know here and we can include everyone on the requests so our devs can see how popular the request is!




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