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Filter User Type by more than Admin



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    Douglas Freeman

    Hello Bruce, Thank you for your contribution. 

    I can see what you're saying in the KMSAT platform we have an Admin / User selector no selector that points directly users with PER access or who are ADI managed. I may have a couple of workarounds that might work for the time being. 

    For ADI and PER you can see who has access with the Icon to the left of their names. 

    For the users who have PER access, It may be a good idea to put them into a group. That way you can search that group at any point to have a list of those individuals. 


    For active directory downloading a CSV of your users will have an AD Managed field that will give you that information.


    So you have a few ways of getting that information. I do understand that this was not your initial request so I'm going to create a feature request on your behalf for dev to review this great idea. 

    I look forward to more of your contributions Bruce. 

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